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Useful Links

Quebec site for Caregivers

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  • Société québécoise de la douleur (French site only)
  • Passeportsanté.net (French site only)
  • Psychology of Pain : Blogue du site de l’American Pain Foundation (Site en anglais seulement)
    How to Cope with is hosted by a psychiatrist who specializes in pain management. Although now mostly healed, she has also experienced Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD), a chronic pain disorder. “How to Cope with” strives to help people cope with pain and live fully despite pain. This site is a resource for those with chronic pain, their families and friends, and for those who treat patients with chronic pain. The site offers a wide range of information related to pain, including medical, psychological, and psychiatric information. As pain can affect all areas of life, work and relationship issues, improving functioning, and spiritual issues are addressed. Some topics on the main site page are the following: Why Is Chronic Pain Hard To Cope With?, Breathing Exercises, Relaxation Exercises, Guided Imagery, Stress Management, Sleep Issues, Whom To See For Chronic Pain, Pain OrganizationsSee the blog at:

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