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Signing up to be a member means avoiding isolation. It means knowing that an association is working for you and with you. It also means encouraging us in all of the actions we undertake for you.

You are very important for us. The more members we have, the more people will know about us and the more we can do to represent you to the government and physicians and work with them for you.

We speak for you. We listen to you. When you talk to us about pain, we can empathize with your suffering and we will not abandon you.

Membres are:

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  • People suffering from chronic pain, no matter what its origin may be, and interested in promoting our objectives;
  • Family members or loved ones of people suffering from chronic pain;
  • Members of the medical or paramedic community and all others interested in chronic pain;
  • All groups, collectives, incorporated or registered associations, all moral persons wishing to promote our objectives, having similar objectives to ours and wishing to be recognized as an AQDC supporter.
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