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Objectives of the AQDC

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The Association québécoise de la douleur chronique (AQDC) (Quebec Association for Chronic Pain) has a mission to improve the condition of people suffering from chronic pain in Quebec and reduce their isolation.


The AQDC held its first meeting in January 2004, thanks to the vision and dedication of Dr. Aline Boulanger. She was the driving force behind the first meeting of those who would become the founding directors of the AQDC. Nine of the founding members of the association, of the 12 directors on the board of directors, were individuals who suffered from chronic pain. These directors represented, as patients, the major pain clinics in Quebec. All of the founding members were volunteers who wanted to make a difference for people suffering from chronic pain.

Since 2004, the AQDC has represented Quebecers who suffer from chronic pain at the Canadian Pain Coalition (CPC), of which it is a member. It also serves on the advisory committee of that coalition.


In 2015, AQDC has more than 8,000 members.


The AQDC has operated a website since 2005. More than 1.5 million pages on its website are now consulted each year.

Future vision

The AQDC is recognized by all stakeholders as the association that represents all Quebecers suffering from chronic pain. Its leadership is undisputed and it even serves as a model for other associations. If the past guarantees the future, its other projects will be brought to fruition in the near future. AQDC offers seminars on chronic pain and support groups in many regions of Quebec.

Charitable organization

The AQDC was incorporated on September 23, 2004 and has been acknowledged as a charitable organization since the first quarter of 2005. (N/E 860295633RR0001)


The Association québécoise de la douleur chronique is a non-profit organisation. Our organisation neither approves nor recommends any product or therapy, but seeks to inform its members and readers so that they can make informed decisions.



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